OC Pet Nanny

Service Agreement & Liability Waiver

OC Pet Nanny provides high-quality professional dog walking and pet sitting services. For the purposes of the contract, the term “OC Pet Nanny” refers to the company and all employees. The term “client” refers to the pet owner and/or homeowner who is entering into contract with OC Pet Nanny. The term “pet “ ( in both singular and plural forms) means any animal under the care of OC Pet Nanny.
According to the terms set forth herein, l

Release / Waiver

As the client, and according to the terms set forth herein, I understand that potential harm/death could occur to my pet while in the care of OC Pet Nanny. I agree to release and hold harmless OC Pet Nanny from all liability, including its owner and/or employees, should my pet become lost or injured, should my home suffer any damage not due to any negligence on OC Pet Nanny's part.

l, hereby grant permission to OC Pet Nanny to act on my behalf, and in my pet’s best interest, by obtaining veterinary care, should it be deemed necessary for the health and well-being of my pet. I further agree to pay for and/or reimburse the cost of any and all veterinary or reasonable necessary services which OC Pet Nanny may incur while caring for my pet(s). Furthermore, l attest that my pets are up-to-date on all vaccinations and agree to provide proof before services are booked/used. l attest that my pet does not suffer from any life-threatening or contagious condition that may be exacerbated by exposure to other pets, or that may expose other animals to undue risk while in OC Pet Nanny's care.

Understanding the risks as stated above, I freely and voluntarily enter into this contract, including the release and waiver, with OC Pet Nanny. This contract is full and complete and hereby agree to these terms.

Veterinary & Emergency Clinic Authorization

Client Authorization

If any of the pets named above becomes ill or is injured, I request that OC Pet Nanny take the pets to a veterinarian listed above. I give permission for a pet sitter to approve treatment up to the dollar amount approved below (please input in the below field). I will assume full responsibility upon my return for payment and/or reimbursement for veterinary services up to the previously agreed upon amount. If neither of the veterinary offices named above is available, I authorize OC Pet Nanny to take my pet(s) to another veterinarian for treatment. I understand that any OC Pet Nanny pet sitter cannot be held responsible for the results of the veterinary treatment and/or the loss of my pet(s). This agreement is valid starting on the date below and whenever OC Pet Nanny cares for my pets in the future.